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  1. The Government will endeavor to earn maximum revenue for the people, by adopting and accepting Goa as an Agrarian Economy. The Government will provide opportunities to all Goans to earn an income of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 20,000 a month.
  2. he Government will advice Goans, that rather than work as strangers in foreign land, doing odd jobs, the Goans should stay in Goa, and earn honour and respect by working amongst their own people doing respectable jobs with dignity.
  3. he Government shall rekindle the love and liking of cultivating plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers,(horticulture) fish, prawns (aqua culture), meat and dairy products (animal husbandry) by providing them with the resources, infrastructure and expertise.
  4. or three years both for the kharif and the rabi crops including cash crops. The Government will till the land with the assistance of agricultural scientist and sow the seed that will give the maximum yield . The Government will conduct this exercise free of cost, for 3. The crops include vegetables, fruits and food grains.
  5. he Government will endeavor to excavate all low lying lands and fill them along with the  traditional lakes with water, all over Goa and initiate cultivation and farming of fish and prawns and the same would be handed over to landless or needy Goans.
  6. he Government will make efforts to use our huge waste lands, plateau, hills to set up animal husbandry (Cows, bulls, goats, pig, and chicken)  The same would be handed over to the non recipient to Government help. As well will endeavor to set up the best dairy companies, to produce and market milk and its by product, in collaboration with the best dairy companies of the world.


Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,