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Goa The Land, The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram ,

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,

Landscaped With Astonishing Structured Temples, Churches And Mosques.

Brilliantly Adorned With Swinging Ppalm Treess,
Lush Fields With Hills In The Background

Feeding The Picturesque Land, Were The Numerous Serpentine Rivers,

  Added To The Land Of Lord Parshuram And The Rome Of The East,

Were The Elegantly Noble People Of Goa,

   Blessed With Abundance Of Generosity, Kindness And Integrity.

Today However, The Law Of Gravity Has Not Escaped Goa.

The Once Benevolent Goan And Picturesque Goa Lie In Tatters.

       The Deterioration Of Goa’s Serene And Scenic Beauty, Unfortunately,

Were Due To  The Selfish And Irresponsible  Attitude Of  The Goans.

 Through And Overwhelming Desire To Raise Goa From Decay And Alienation,

Was Born Of A Movement, Called,Save Goa From Selfish And Irresponsible Goans.

The Founders Of The Movement Pride In Calling Themselves Sons And Daughters Of Goa.

A Group Of Individuals Who Sincerely Care For The Culture Of Goa,

     Individuals Who Could Be Of Goan Or Non Goan Origin

But United In Their Desire To Save Goa.