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About US

We have adopted the immortal words of President John F Kenedy  Quote “Ask not what your country can do for you --- ask what you can do for your country” similarly we ask our fellow Goans “Ask not what Goa can do for you, --- ask what you can do for Goa”

We asked Our self !
What have the Goans done for Goa, that they deserve a better standard of recognition?
what have the Goans done for Goa, that they deserve a better standard of living?
What have the Goans done for Goa, that they deserve a more beautiful and plentiful Goa?

Birth OF Goynche Niz Mogi :
Goynche Niz Mogi was born of a movement, called save Goa from selfish and irresponsible sons and daughters of Goa, by a group of individuals, who sincerely care for the unique culture, beauty and identity of Goa. Individuals who could be a Goan or non Goan origin, but united in their desire to save Goa and restore Goa to its original magnificience of scenic beauty, lush green fields, swinging palm trees, restore the character of charity and righteousness and make Goa one of the best place, if not the best place to live in.

Our Conclusions
We have identified that the root cause of the Goan decay and destruction are the goan politician. Hence we firmly believe that the one and only way to liberate Goa is to defeat the 40 MLAs. Therefore we paln to field individuals with vision,sincerity and intelligence as our Candidates,in all the 40 constituenciesof the Goa Assembly and the 2 lok Sabha seats

Criteria for selection of candidates & Percentage:

1. He/she has to be reasonably educated.
2. A righteous, Honest person whose credibility is beyond dought.
3. Most important he/she has to have interest of the Goans and Goan development at heart. We have decided to give 60% of the seats to the majority community and 40% to the minority communities.



Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,