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Party President
The living spirit of the president is alive in the manifesto of Goynche Niz Mogi
James Fernandes  



I asked Myself !
What have the Goans done for Goa, that they deserve a better standard of recognition?
what have the Goans done for Goa, that they deserve a better standard of living?
What have the Goans done for Goa, that they deserve a more beautiful and plentiful Goa? 

The Goans through sheer greed and selfishness assisted our Elected Representatives (E R’s), to directly or indirectly destroy Goa, for a few pieces Of Silver.

The Goans were blessed with a land of scenic beauty, unparalleled in comparison to most locations of the world, and a populace, that was second to none, in generosity, integrity and kindness. 

The Goans sold their votes for money, food and drinks. The Goans kept bringing to power, the very people who sold Goan land to land sharks, contracts to contractors of questionable character and Government jobs and contracts to outsiders. Today, our politicians have permitted indiscriminate constructions, as well as destruction of Goan hills and forests. 

However, I believe in the goodness of the Goans, and their inborn character of righteousness, that Goans will not permit the present and past (ER’s) to push Goa and Goans into the Arabian Sea. That Goans will not permit Goa, to become another North East, where the people, resorted to bombings and killings, as everything that they owned, including the jobs, were taken away by the outsiders.  

A Message and a Reminder to all Goan Well Wishers

If the same (E R’s) are brought back to power, then Remember! that it was you, and you, my fellow Goan well wishers, who would be held responsible for destroying Goa. If the same (E R’s) are voted back to power, The ER’s will give Ration and Voters Card, electricity and water connection’s to the migrants. At the next election in 2012,  75% of the E R’s, future Vote Banks, will be the Migrants.

Remember my fellow Goan well wishers; Never Again Will Our Elected Representatives, Need Goans to Get Himself/Herself Elected



Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,