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  1. Stop the vegetable and fruits coming into the state, or impose very high excise duties on all vegetables, fruits, poultry fish meat food grains, cereals and on other food accessories entering Goa.  The Goan like his forefathers who was self sufficient in producing food raw materials,  would have to undertake  growing vegetables, fruits, food grains, food accessories and operate poultry , animal husbandry, fish farms, earn a substantial income, and have a comfortable life.
  2. In the absence of skilled or unskilled labour from outside Goa, like his forefathers, the Goan would have to train himself as a skilled artisan or wok as an unskilled labourer, and earn a sufficient income by building houses, roads, sewage system and scientifically clearing the garbage.
  3. Goan forefathers were very skilled bakers and chef’s, in the absence of bakers and chef’s from outside Goa, the Goans would be forced to take up the profession of bakers and chef’s, and take up employment in bakery and hotel industry, or set up his own hotel or bakery.
  4. Goans are intelligent as any one in the world, Goans would have to  appropriately educated and train himself and surely he would be welcomed, by any entrepreneur or industrialist and paid a substantial pay package.  Goans would not have to go in search of employment outside Goa.
  5. If the Indians workers beyond the shores of India are ordered to go back to their home land, Goans would be provided with opportunities to earn revenue of earning an income of Rs.8000/- to Rs.20000/- by working as horticulture or agriculture or fish and shrimp or animal husbandry, or poultry farmer

    Who is a Goan?

    A Goan is an IAS or IPS officer a skilled technician, a skilled engineer and doctor a skilled farmer of horticulture agriculture or fish and shrimps or animal husbandry or poultry.  Goan is a Musician, a sportsman a culinary expert, or artisan building roads, homes and its interiors or a nuclear scientist.



Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,