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Beautification   Reshaping Goa to its original Magnificence
  •  Planting around 500 million plants saplings, on all major and minor roads, across all districts and talukas.  Plants samplings of medicinal value, fruits and flowers would be planted. All hills in Goa should be compulsorily given a cashew or other tree cover.
  • All roads leading to tourist destination’s, Churches, Temples, Mosque’s would be given, three rows of coloured garden plants, on either side of the road. The rows of coloured plants, would be from a distance of 3 kms from the destination.
  • All beaches in Goa will be re surfaced, keeping the interest of the locals, as well as making arrangements for fishing boats to land on the beach, including making use of the mechanized vehicles, to ferry the boat on to the beach. Landscaped structure will be built to house all fishing accessories.
  • Minimum of 33 horticultural gardens, measuring around 20 acres of land would be developed, 3 gardens in each district of Goa. The Government shall put in our efforts to acquire development rights, to landscape all public or privately owned lands, from a distance of 2  kms. from the beach.
  • No business activity will be permitted from 20 meters from the pavement, traditional owners of businesses will be suitably compensated and given alternate business premises. Manufacturing units will have to be at a distance of 200 meters and scrap yards should be at a distance of 500 meters from the road.
  • Massage parlours and paying guests will be permitted only beyond a distance of 5kms from the beach. All names of the paying guest will have to be compulsorily given to the police and civic authority by the house owner.

Prelude: The sea and the beach are the privilege of all legal patrons of the world.  Traditionally the warm or hot sand is known to contain heat therapy.  Lying down on ones back on the beach, with your hands stretched, is a sure prescription for curing back strains and sore backs, as well to improve blood circulation in the hands and legs.

  • The beach will contain only sand, littering the beach with any particles or objects big or small, would be considered as an offence. Hawking or soliciting of any eatables, newspapers or any objects or soliciting for massage or requesting to patronize a shack or a restaurant will be prohibited.

  • All shacks on the beach will have to mandatorily be a distance of 50meters from each other. Preference will be given to five or six families who wish to operate the shack with the assistance of their family members.

  • Bush bashers would be appointed to clear of all bushes and landscape 100 meters of land from either side  of all major and minor roads all over Goa.

              Zero Plastic Tolerance

    1. All types of plastic bags, bottles, glasses, cups etc. will be compulsorily banned in Goa. Only such plastics items will be permitted which are absolutely necessary and economical, such as syringes and medical equipment.
    2. All Industries producing pollution or releasing untreated industrial waste, in open areas or unauthorised zones, will have to close down operations, until such time they meet the prescribed requirements.
    3. Traditional methods like leaves, barks of banana trees and paper would be substituted in place of plastic items.
    4. Any plastic items found at the home of an individual, organization, would be fined Rs. 3,000.00, Rs. 7,000.00, Rs. 10,000.00 for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd offence.
    5. Dealers selling milk or water bottles will sell the same only on receipt of empty milk sachet or empty water bottle. The dealers would loose his license if the said order is not followed.

              Zero Garbage Tolerance

    1. It will be countered at its source. Traditional methods will be readopted to clear the Garbage. Every household would be expected to help the Government in clearing the garbage by wet, dry and plastic separation.
    2. Every Village Panchayat will have well laid out piggery or a well laid out cowshed with all facilities and amenities to keep the piggery or the cowshed clean and hygienic at all times. The said piggery and the cowshed will also have their independent 2 composite sites where the remains of the piggery and the cowshed will be dumped to create compost.
    3. Wet garbage would be hygienically transported by Government transport vans to the piggery or the cowshed. Dry garbage would be carried by Government garbage vans for recycling.
    4. All institutions, families, individuals would be required to separate the dry and wet garbage and handover the same to the garbage vans. People who violate the said order would be severely penalized.


Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,