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Our Fear:

Our Fear:
Even God will not be able to help a population, that chooses to remain blind when they can see, a population, that choose to remain deaf when they can hear, a population that chooses to remain dumb, when they can speak.


Why should God help the Goans, who choose to remain blind, choose to remain deaf, and choose to remain dumb, when they can see all the wrong things, hear all the wrong things, speak against all the wrong things, happening around them?
When good people including religious leader’s different faith accept favours from corrupt ministers and MLA's, and individuals, the religious leaders send out a strong message. If God does not grant your wish approach the devil.

Regretfully,  Is there a similarity between a prostitute and a Goan? A prostitute sells her body for money. A Goan sells his soul and vote for money. How many of the Goans have accepted money, food and favours and become puppets and baby dolls.

Why should God help the Goans who choose to behave like a prostitute?



Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,