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Traditional Businesses

All traditional businesses like fishing, toddy tapping coconut and fruit plucking, farming  and the mining industry will be protected.

  1. The Government will provide subsidies to traditional fisher man like Raponkar, and non trawlers having boats with a motor capacity. Traditional toddy tappers, coconut, fruit pluckers and farmers would be provided subsidies for education for their children, housing  and vehicle loans.
  2. Mining Industry would be provided with complete support of the Government on compliance of the following conditions. Conversely, failure to comply with the conditions would immediately attract a show cause notice, why the mining company should not be closed.
  3. All mining centers must compulsorily receive approval of safety every six months from the concern authority
  4. All mining centers must compulsorily have their own lake for the exclusive use of their mining activity.  The Government will facilitate the availability of land for the construction of the lake.
  5. All vehicles carrying ores or any earth material  have to be compulsorily air tight. Immediate fine of Rs.50,000/- will be imposed on the defaulter. 
  6. All roads used to carry ores (kindly refer road & communication) as well as plants and trees at the side of the road, (minimum distance of 20 meters from the road) will have to  washed every day. To permit this exercise all vehicles, carrying ores and earth will have to stop operation, for two hours from 1.00 a.m. to 3.00 a.m.
  7. Mining companies have to open health centers with experienced medical personnel, as well as stock all necessary drugs, in all mining affected villages .
  8. All trucks carrying ores and earth materials will compulsorily run, at a maximum speed of 55kms per hour. To offset the loss incurred by the truck owners, the mining company will have to compensate the loss of the truck owner.
  9. Any legally mining firm or any other earth providing company, permits the transportation of his product in a vehicle, that is not having an air tight container facility, would be immediately suspended from conducting operation for one month per truck (12 trucks and the firm would be suspended for 12 months).
  10. The mining firm would be required to create a modern facility using the most advanced technology where by the truck carrying the mining product will completely washed of any mud on the truck and there after the truck completely dried before it enters the public road.


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