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Election to the local bodies

Prelude;  It is said that money is the root of all evil.  It is money and its constituent evil has wrecked havoc in our elections to the local bodies.  Voters bought and vote sold for or with money food and drinks have caused havoc with development work in areas of local bodies.  The winning candidates shamelessly informed the voters that I the elected representative have paid for your vote, so now pay up to have your work done.

  • The Government would endeavour to fund elections to all the panchayat and municipalities. All panchayats will be compulsorily required to hold gram sabha meetings in different wards of the panchayat every four months.

  • The Government will make arrangements at three different locations in each ward to hold debates between all contestants from each ward. Minimum of three such debates would be organized and voters will be asked to choose on the Election Day.

  • All voters, voting at the local bodies elections Panchayats and Municipalities will have the power to recall a elected Panchayat Panch or Municipal Councilor, if  the voters of a particular ward, find that their elected representatives is indulging in dubious and corrupt practices.


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