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Konkani and its Promotion

Prelude; what is important, Konkani being spoken or its medium devnagri, romi or tulu?  What is important is that Konkani is being spoken, by a large section of the people, why does it matter if a Konkani speaker writes in devnagri, romi or tulu?  What is the need of the hour is to have more and more people, embrace their mother tongue Konkani,  for when you speak Konkani, you bound yourself to your roots.

  • In order to inculcate the pride and virtue of speaking once mother tongue Konkani and bound one to his or her roots the following measures will be adopted.
    1. The Government will endeavor to change the thinking of the grand parents and parents, who in spite of lacking the knowledge or education of English keep talking English to his grand children.
    2. Inter village, inter school, inter college, Konkani speaking and singing competitions would be organized, prizes ranging from Rs.1000/-    to Rs.100,000/-  awarded to the winners. Konkani films and theatre producers would be given government subsidy to organize shows while the Konkani films would be promoted by exempting them from the entertainment tax for the next five years.
    3. Bandstands would be erected at tourist locations and town centers where musician as well as amateur musician would receive grants from the government however they will be required to play 50% of the songs in Konkani.
    4. All buses including outstation buses with their registration in Goa will be encouraged to play Konkani songs in their buses


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