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Promotion and marketing of Goan delicacies
  • The Government would endeavor to have small areas beautifully landscaped areas, with a spot where a mobile restaurant could park. Hundreds of such beautifully landscaped areas would be prepared all over Goa.  The Government will have all old Kadamba buses converted into mobile restaurants, and hand them over to different villagers all over Goa.

  • The Villagers of Navelim will have to prepare their delicacies and take them on their mobile restaurants and sell them at Ponda.  The villagers of Nuvem likewise will have to delicacies at Colva for one month.  This exercise will be conducted by all the villagers of Goa, preparing them and selling them at different places.

  • The government will endeavor to utilize the different rivers as navigational routes, for tourists to visit inland Goa. The Government will erect beautifully landscaped areas at different river locations, where the Tourist could be entertained and treated to Goan delicacies, and the proceeds from the same would go to the villagers.


Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,