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Minister’s /MLA’s Evaluation
  • A committee will be constituted, whose job will be to asses/evaluate and determine the performance of individual minister’s and MLA’s, based on such assessment, a Minister/MLA will be given positive or negative points. Repeated positive points will entitle the  Minister/MLA for elevation, conversely repeated negative points would be considered against the concerned Minister/MLA, hence would be demoted.

  • Candidates’ Declaration
    All our candidates will have to swear on the Bible/Bhagwad Gita/Koran before a group of people , preferably before the media, before he files his/her nomination. It will be compulsory for the parents as well as wife/husband or wife/husband and adult children to be among the witnesses.

  • I -------, son of ------------, husband/wife of -----------, do hereby pledge to uphold the minimum programme of JNM and of other associated groups, in the event I fail to abide by the minimum programme, I could be given two warnings, a third irregularity would entitle my group to ask for my resignation.

    In event I fail to give in my resignation, I instruct my well – wishers, supporters and group to have me socially ostracized, prevent my entry into my village, attend any functions and ghereao me at my residence till I give in my resignation.

    Name:----------------                           Signature:- -------------------


    1. Father

    2. Mother

    3. Husband/Wife

    4.  Adult Children.

    Four other witnesses.



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The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

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