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Zero tolerance for breaking or having broken the rule of law
  • All civic, police officials, would, not only, have to project themselves as Public servants, but will also have to appear, to act as a Public servant by being courteous, kind and attentive to his Masters, “The People.”
  • All departmental heads, and divisional heads (Dept & Div H’s) will be held accountable, for all or any discrepancies occurring in their respected portfolios. Dept & Div H’s will have to move in their respective areas, to get the information and execute all legislation.
    1. To visit the homes of MLA’s or Ministers.
    2. Accept any oral instructions or written illegal instructions from any Minister or MLA.
    3. Abstain from acting as a personal valet of any Minister or MLA.
  • Failure to comply with section 2c will immediately attract a charge sheet and three such charge sheets will call for the suspension of the civil or police official.
  • Head offices of Dept. & Div H’s, would solely be for the purpose of communication, for all practical purpose, they would have to conduct their Dept & Div H’s respective portfolio, from their local offices.
  • All law enforcing personnel will be held responsible and attract severe penalties for any illegal or irregular activity taking place within his or her jurisdiction.
  • Any house owner wishing to keep a tenant will be required to provide the domicile certificate the ration / voters card to the concern authority. Refer governance.


Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,