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Upliftment of schedule caste, schedule tribe and backward classes.
  • All SC/ST/BC will compulsorily have to attend school and coaching classes. The Government will pay for their travelling, coaching classes, books and also will be rewarded for achieving 60% and above marks.

  • The Government will consider SC/ST and backward class communities as a weapon to enrich the state and society as well as enrich and enlighten them and not as a commodity of vote banks. As a first step the Government will compulsorily appoint teachers from SC/ST backward class families to teach in all pre-primary school.

  • Economically backward SC/ST/BC who send their children to school, would be provided with food items, like grain, sugar and oil at highly subsidized rates. The Government will endeavor to give every family of SC/ST/BC a business that would help them to earn over Rs.10,000/-  month.

    Prelude -  Traditionally the son of a Gonvdo is expected to be a Gonvdo and likewise it is with Mar, Chamar, Mest (black smith and carpenter), Shet Kamti, Rainder, Padkar, etc.

  • The Government will give subsidies to buy land houses and a vehicle, to any individual (should not be from the traditional professional family),  who takes up  the profession of Gonvdo, Mar, Chamar, Mest (black smith and carpenter), Shet Kamti, Rainder, Padkar, etc. he/she will also be provided with raw material and equipment to carry out his/her profession.

  • Student coming from an economically backward class, SC, ST, or tribal family would be rewarded the following amounts std I to Std XII girls Rs. 100,000/- boys Rs. 40,000/- Std One To Std XV (Graduation) girls 1,50,000/-boys Rs. 75,000/- post graduation girls 200,000/- boys 100,000/-


Goa The Land,
The Gods Lovingly Bequeathed To Lord Parshuram

Aptly Called The Rome Of The East,